Terms of Services

SECTION 1  Background to These Terms of Sale

SECTION 2  Incorporation of our Terms of Service

In addition to these Terms of Sale, our Terms of Service apply to your use of our Website and your purchase of any Products. Please review them carefully before placing any Order. In the event of any inconsistency between these Terms of Sale and our Terms of Service, these Terms of Sale will prevail to the extent of the inconsistency in respect of any Order placed by you.

SECTION 3  Definitions

When we use certain capitalised words in these Terms of Sale, they have the specific meaning outlined either in this Section 3 or in the sentence where that term is defined. you will be able to spot definitions by looking out for terms that look like this: (“Defined Term”).

SECTION 4  Our Right to Vary These Terms of Sale

SECTION 5  Information About bincoe.com and our Contact Details

SECTION 6  Placing Orders

When is the Contract formed? The Contract is formed when we send you an Order confirmation email. We will send you that Order confirmation email to the email address associated with your Account or, if you check-out as a guest, to the email address you entered during the check-out process.  

SECTION 7  Payment

SECTION 8  Delivery

SECTION 9  Returns and Refunds

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